Fish Rig

Fish Rig

Project: Circle Of Life
Director: WonJun Yi
Website: Final Project

  • Ribbon Spine
  • BlendShape sine deformers for the Fins
  • MEL UI for control selection, sine wave deformations
Wildlife Crossing: Frog rig demo

Frog Rig

Project: Wildlife Crossing
Technical Directors: Josh Carey, Daniel McCrummen
Website: Rigging Dojo

* move, scale, rotate
* attributes to controls visibility of controls and model/proxy geometry
* ik/fk switching and blending
* ik stretching
* forearm and shin twist joints
* flexible spine
* facial blendShapes
* finger and toe curl and spread
* head, mouth, eye, tongue controls
* space switching on arms, legs, and eyes

Controls Demo

Completed Animation

Girl Rig

Girl Rig

Project: My Dad, My Hero
Director: Spectra Sani


  • Completely re-targeted the Norman Rig to be used with Spectra’s model
  • Wrote scripts to
    • break all connections
    • reposition all the joints
    • re-establish all connections again.
    • unlock & make attributes keyable
    • copy lock & keyable attributes
    • convert Maya2013 file to Maya2012 file

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