Wildlife Crossing: Frog rig demo

Frog Rig

Project: Wildlife Crossing
Technical Directors: Josh Carey, Daniel McCrummen
Website: Rigging Dojo

* move, scale, rotate
* attributes to controls visibility of controls and model/proxy geometry
* ik/fk switching and blending
* ik stretching
* forearm and shin twist joints
* flexible spine
* facial blendShapes
* finger and toe curl and spread
* head, mouth, eye, tongue controls
* space switching on arms, legs, and eyes

Controls Demo

Completed Animation

Girl Rig (v003)

Girl Rig (v003)

Project: My Dad, My Hero
Director: Spectra Sani
Website: http://mydad2013.blogspot.com


  • IK/FK switching, matching, blending
  • Stretchy Spine/Limbs
  • Reverse Foot Lock
  • Multi Joint Head/Jaw Setup
  • Full facial rig

This rig was completely scrapped because the director wanted to use something more like the Norman Rig from the Academy of Art.

I actually think this rig is more powerful but, you gotta give them what they want…
Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 6.04.26 PM

Creature Rigging

Creature Rigging

Model: Sabo
Project: War Of Evolution
Director: Cliff Cheng
Website: http://woespring.blogspot.com