Wildlife Crossing: Frog rig demo

Frog Rig

Project: Wildlife Crossing
Technical Directors: Josh Carey, Daniel McCrummen
Website: Rigging Dojo

* move, scale, rotate
* attributes to controls visibility of controls and model/proxy geometry
* ik/fk switching and blending
* ik stretching
* forearm and shin twist joints
* flexible spine
* facial blendShapes
* finger and toe curl and spread
* head, mouth, eye, tongue controls
* space switching on arms, legs, and eyes

Controls Demo

Completed Animation


Water drops falling onto a flexible material causing it to warp and drip along the surface, then drip off and away from it.


  • maya soft-body for the balloon surface
  • per-particle goals and collision attributes for the particles while they travel along the surface of the ballon
  • maya blobbies and a modified ocean shader to render the particles.
  • MEL expressions to control the size, shape, and motion of the particles.


Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch

Nurb-based Modeling in Maya and rendering with Mental Ray. Based on the Dover Studios tutorial.


Fire simulation done with Maya Fluids.
Based on the Gnomon Workshop tutorial by Wayne Hollingsworth.